Pig Feed

Development of intelligent traceability applications, decentralized supply chain networks and efficient technologies for the safe and sustainable integration of food by-products into pig feed.

pig feed

The Project

Pig farming is an important sector of primary production in Greece, which faces significant economic problems as the cost of pork production in Greece is well above many EU countries. Since feed costs are about 60-70% of the total production cost, new practices are needed to reduce it. The use of food by-products in the pig feed mixture is a traditional practice that can reduce the cost of pig feed by replacing part of the cereals and/or the soybean. However, the introduction of food by-products into the pig ration should be done after ensuring the balanced nutritional composition of the diet so as not to adversely affect the yield and quality of the pork and, on the other hand, by preventing the use of unsuitable/contaminated food which may transmit extremely serious infectious diseases such as the African Swine Fever. Therefore, it is obvious that the development of appropriate protocols and good practices for the safe incorporation of food by-products into pig feeds is of great importance. Innovative information tools and intelligent traceability applications of the food by-product production and distribution chains can play a crucial role in supporting the above protocols by providing critical information in real time to pig farmers. Therefore, the main objective of the CPigFeed project is the development of intelligent information tools and traceability applications, and their demonstration on a decentralized supply chain of food by-products that will be set up in a typical Greek pig farm. Food by-products will be incorporated in the pig feed mixture, after setting-up a protocol for the safe incorporation of food by-products, and after assessing the impact of the new feed mixture on the health and welfare of pigs, as well as the yield and quality of the final product (pork).

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