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Press Release: Healthily safe and sustainable utilization of food by-products in Greek pig farming: The project CpigFeed

The "CPigFeed" research program is successfully completed after three (3) years of implementation and production of results. The "CPigFeed" Project has as its main objective the development of smart traceability applications of decentralized supply chain networks and sustainable technologies for the health-safe and sustainable integration of food by-products into pig nutrition, applying the principles of the circular economy in practice in the sector of pig farming.

The conference was organized by the Veterinary Research Institute of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization, ELGO - Dimitra, with the Director of Research Dr. Evangelia Sossidou. The event was held at the impressive Cultural Center of Nea Triglia in Halkidiki, due to its proximity to the headquarters of the pig farming unit "Halkidiki S.A." which is a partner of the Project and was represented by Mr. Kostas Vamvakas and Mr. Menelaos Glarakis. The partners of the CPigFeed research project are completed by the company "Green Projects S.A." with Dr. Nikos Tsotsola, who is the Project Coordinator, the Bio-Economy and Agricultural Technology Institute of EKETA, which was represented by Drs. Giorgos Banias (Scientific Manager of the Project) and Dr. Sotiris Patsio, and the company "KAFSIS SA", subcontractor of the project, with the participation of Mr. Vangelis Alexandropoulos.

The event program was not limited to the development and results of 'CPigFeed' as multiple aspects of the pig sector were covered in an expanded discussion framework. The invited speakers came from the entire livestock value chain and with their different backgrounds and perspectives contributed to a multi-dimensional and constructive discussion. The attendees included Mr. Giorgios Kefalas (Deputy Governor of the Agricultural Economy of the Central Macedonia Region), Mr. Yiannis Bouras (President of the Federation of Pig Breeding Associations of Greece), Mr. Michalis Kakanis (Veterinarian at the Directorate of Agricultural Economy and Veterinary PE of Pieria), the Mr. Giorgos Didangelos (Vice-President of the Greek Livestock Association), Mr. Savvas Kesidis (President of the Panhellenic Federation of Butchers), and Mr. Asterios Tzimas (General Secretary of the Macedonian-Thrace Hunting Federation).

The discussion revolved around the situation of livestock breeding in Greece, with an emphasis on the difficulties and challenges that constantly arise in the sector. In this context, pig diseases and in particular the highly threatening African Plague, the high cost of animal feed as a consequence of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the complexity of the supply chain as well as the environmental and economic sustainability of the sector were analyzed. At the same time, through the Round Table "The challenges and experiences of CPigFeed" coordinated by Dr. Sossidou, instructions were given on good practices for using food by-products as animal feed, areas for improvement were highlighted, such as supply chain management and individual costs, and the directions in which pig farming should move in the near future with cost reduction were highlighted breeding and at the same time maintaining the quality of Greek pork. Upgrading the economic and environmental sustainability of pig farming will be a key axis in the coming years, making ventures like "CPigFeed" particularly innovative in Greek livestock farming.

Conference Program

37th Annual Scientific Conference in Orestiada


Presentation of Scientific Work: Incorporation of Bakery By-products Introduction of bakery by-products in the diet of weaned weaners piglets in weaned piglets: effect on the indicators growth, behaviour and welfare of the piglets

Taste Panel 

On Monday 23 January 2023, an organoleptic test of the pork meat produced in the framework of the "CPigFeed" project took place at the 'Ageri' restaurant in Nea Triglia, Halkidiki. A total of 23 untrained testers participated in the sensory test. The participants tasted from individual dishes on which identical meat samples were placed and evaluated them for the following characteristics: colour, aroma, taste, tenderness, juiciness and overall acceptability. The results of the sensory test showed that the addition of BakeryMeal to the pigs' diet positively influenced the overall acceptability of their meat by improving its aroma, flavour and colour.

Article on ΕΕΣΔΑ

Assessment methodology and design of a system for the utilization of residual biomass from the agricultural sector in alignment with the principles of the circular economy.

You can read the article here:   Article on ΕΕΣΔΑ

Article in RawMatHub's feature on World Environment Day 2023 


You can read the article here: RawHub-CPigFeed

Pig feed through the principles of the circular economy.

By clicking here you can find the link to the article about the pioneering project of the Institute of Agrotechnology of EKETA. 


Article on Macedonia newspaper.

κυκλικη οικονομια
7ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο για το Κρέας και τα Προϊόντα – 3-4-5/2/2023


The national conference «Meat and its Products» is now, as an institution, the only one that brings together all the active scientific forces involved in the entire meat production chain, from the underperforming primary production, to the booming processing, to consumption.

The Conference was held in the framework of the Zootechnia 2023 exhibition and was organized by Meat News magazine in collaboration with HELEXPO Thessaloniki 3 – 5 February 2023, at the Conference Centre Ioannis Bellidis.

Meat News, as the organiser of the Conference, guarantees its success by supporting the work of the Scientific Committee, which is formed under the tireless chairmanship of Professor Spyros Ramantanis.

The aim of the Conference was to give a platform to all scientists, institutions, Departments and Faculties of Greek Universities to present the latest results of research and laboratory work.

The Conference is held under the auspices of the following bodies: the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Unified Food Control Authority, the Hellenic Veterinary Society, the Hellenic Veterinary Academy, the Association of Greek Meat Processing Industries, the Institute of Meat Products.



On Friday 10/12/2021 CPigFeed project was presented by CERTH team, at the first CIRCLab Camp, in the context of CIRCLE project “CIRCLE - Circular Innovation and Resilient City Labs in the Adrion Region.”

Presentation (pdf)

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